Authors should follow the following abstract template.

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Abstracts approved will be presented in the poster section.

Themes of interest:

  • UAV and orbital imagery orientation
  • Sensor systems: design, calibration and evaluation
  • Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
  • Microwave Remote Sensing
  • DSM and DTM generation
  • Time series analysis of remote sensing data
  • Remote sensing applied to environmental studies
  • Images and Video Coding
  • Image/video analysis
  • Image/video filtering and restoration
  • Image/video registration
  • Image/video segmentation
  • Motion Detection and Tracking
  • Shape representation and matching
  • Surface Reconstruction and Representation
  • Projective Geometry and Computer Vision
  • Texture and Color in Computer Vision
  • Feature extraction
  • Feature Matching, Inference and Recognition
  • Deep Learning
  • Pattern Recognition in Computer Vision
  • Architectural models for Computer Vision
  • Design methods for systems of Vision
  • Real-time Computer Vision
  • Visual Inspection and Robotics